Sunday, June 16, 2024

    In Borodianka, UOC-MP priest tipped occupiers about targets among civilians

    In Borodianka, Kyiv region, a priest with the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate is believed to have helped the occupiers identify and locate civilians who must be detained. Also, in Hostomel, due to the insidious spotting by the UOC-MP cleric,  Russian artillery carried out artillery strikes.

    Tetiana Redko, a journalist with Channel 33, wrote about this on her Facebook page.

    “Crimes in Borodianka targeting civilians are even more extensive! Soon the whole world will shake in horror when seeing them! And do you know who the artillery spotter was and who tipped the invaders on whom to detain? It was a priest with the Moscow Patriarchate!” she wrote.

    According to the journalist, the situation is similar in Kropyvnia. “The cleric even offered to deploy an enemy headquarters in the church premises, turning the church into a Russcist outpost! He blessed the enemies for the attacks on Kyiv,” the journalist added.

    “In Hostomel, an insidious MP priest, who was a chaplain with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who turned out to be a recruited FSB agent, spotted enemy fire, so an insidious blow was inflicted on the approaches to Kyiv! The Mriya aircraft was destroyed. And this is only in the occupied districts of Kyiv region! You can already write a book about the cooperation of MP priests in the occupied Kherson region and the east!” said Redko.

    “Have you heard these days the statements of our Moscow fathers condemning the genocide? Any appeals to Cyril not to lie that this is not a war and that there’s no casualties? Did they send send him any photos of those tortured and murdered?! So do you know who you look like after that? Like the true ‘Aryans!’ They also committed genocide with the motto: God be with us! Where there is no love there is bigotry! This is what we are contemplating!” said the journalist.

    “Step over the corpses of the tortured with the blessing of your Cyril and march with them to your paradise! But it will be hell, God knows! Fact: out of more than 60 metropolitans in Ukraine, ONLY 15 have issued orders not to mention Cyril’s name during services… for the rest he is the holiest.  And Putin is king! That’s what an MP deacon shouted in Vinnytsia to law enforcement officers!” the journalist summed up.