Friday, April 12, 2024

    Captive students of Donetsk tell how they were forced to go to war against Ukraine

    In the occupied territory of Donetsk region, the invaders mobilized university students for the war against Ukraine. They were deployed to fight in Kharkiv region.

    This was reported by Ukrayinska Pravda with reference to the recently captured soldiers, who were offered an opportunity to speak up at a briefing at the Ukrainian Media Center.

    Nine prisoners aged 19-20, the vast majority of them residents of Makiyivka and Yenakiyevo, are students of Donetsk National Technical University, Academy of Management, and Technical College.

    All the young men stated that they consider themselves “citizens of Ukraine”, claiming that they had not been aware where they were being deployed. They said they had been told they were going to a training ground in Russia to undergo a drill course.

    The prisoners said that when they were gathered and taken by rail allegedly for training, only provided with a rifle and bayonet. Many rifles were rusty, with the belts still having USSR trademarks on them. The helmets they were provided with were from “World War 2” era, the soldiers added, noting that one of the helmets literally split in two when accidentally dropped on the ground.

    When students rode the train, there were 11-12 people in a compartment, and only a single MRE set per day for the entire group.

    According to the students, they were brought to the village of Vesele, Kharkiv region, and it was only then that they allegedly realized where they had been deployed. The young men say that they allegedly felt “helpless, didn’t want to fight, but were afraid to defy commanders’ orders.”

    In the village of Vesele, they had to dig dugouts for checkpoints at the exit from the village and check all vehicles driving in and out of the village.

    According to the students, they were fed very poorly, there was no medical treatment available at all – half of the 25-strong group were ill.

    The POWs claim that none of them “never made a shot or engaged in looting.”

    They also say they surrendered when they heard that Ukrainian soldiers were on the offensive. The students believe they will eventually be allowed to return home.