Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    Russia’s disinformation, propaganda war continues

    For domestic audiences, Russian media are massively circulating the news about the spike in global crude oil prices, while remaining silent about the fact that the Russians have been banned from buying foreign currency.

    An example of international disinformation spins: an Irish outlet claimed that the UN Secretariat staff were banned from using the words “invasion” and “war” in relation to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. There were also reports alleging that the seizure of two of Ukraine’s NPPs by Russian invaders pose no nuclear safety threats. However, the IAEA has already lost contact with the monitoring systems at the Chornobyl nuclear power plant, which is now in blackout.

    Another piece disinfo: “Russia is creating humanitarian corridors to save peaceful Ukrainians and foreign students, but Ukraine is shelling them and mining roads.” This was already the case in Mariupol, where civilians were supposed to be taken to Russia, in Volnovakha – where hostages of constant shelling were suggested to be taken to the self-proclaimed “republics”, and in Kharkiv – where Ukrainian patriots who hate Putin were going to be sent to Russia’s Belgorod.

    Now, analysts say, psychological influence operations are now underway in Ukraine, aimed to sow panic. The narratives spread as part of these operations suggest that the Ukrainian government is betraying the country and its people, that President Volodymyr Zelensky has fled to Poland, and that all those in power have left the country as well.

    The objective is clear – to make Ukrainians believe that the country is surrendering. “I’m sure no one believes in this nonsense, but if you hear this from someone – know that it is either an agent of influence, or someone they have already worked on.

    By the way, did you pay notice? The word “de-Nazification” that the Kremlin demanded in its ultimatum at the onset of the February 24 attack is gradually disappearing from Putin’s rhetoric. Apparently, Peskov finally realized that “de-Nazification” is in fact synonymous with “Nazism.” So now the occupiers are no longer “fighting fascism” but “saving the world.” Although, in fact, it’s the world that must be saved from Russia. And Ukraine is now saving the whole world.

    Source: Telegram channel run by the Minister of Culture and Information Policy “Tkachenko.UA