Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    Lukashenko vows to return Ukraine to “bosom of Slavic nations”

    The leader of the ruling Belarusian regime, Alexander Lukashenko, has announced his intention to bring Ukraine back to the “bosom of Slavic nations.” According to the Belarus ruler, the West has allegedly been shaping in Ukraine a hostile attitude towards fraternal peoples.

    This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to BelTA.

    “There is growing concern about rising tensions in the south (of Belarus – ed.). Ukraine is becoming the subject of behind-the-scenes bargaining. Ukrainians are being pushed into the flames of conflict, their consciousness is being broken, and they are being purposefully prepared for aggression. They are forming a hostile attitude towards fraternal peoples, including Belarusians,” Lukashenko said.

    According to Lukashenko, Western powers are allegedly trying to “drown in blood the Russian-Ukrainian brotherhood, our Slavic brotherhood.”

    “But we are native Slavic peoples, coming from a single baptismal font. Our roots go back centuries… We will bring our Ukraine back to the bosom of our Slavic nations. We will definitely do that,” Lukashenko added.