Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    In occupied Donetsk, seized Mormon church turned into “Russian House”

    The occupation authorities in a stronghold of Russian proxies of Donetsk have opened the so-called “Russian House” at the premises of what earlier was a Mormon Church.

    That’s according to journalist Denys Kazansky who posted the relevant report via Telegram.

    Local media run by pro-Moscow actors claim that the Russian House, which will be responsible for strengthening ties with Russia, was housed in a former movie theater, contemptuously adding that after the 2000s, Mormons rebuilt the abandoned location, turning it into “their church.”

    However, after the coming to power of the occupation administration, members of the religious community, the report adds, “dissolved in space” so the “Republic” Center for Development of Youth Initiatives was opened in the former church.

    Kazansky clarified that the Mormons rebuilt the temple at their own expense, while the occupiers chose not to mention this in the report.

    “Mormons earlier built this building at their own expense. But the Russians won’t bother to do anything like that. Why build anything if you can just grab what belongs to others?” Kazansky wrote.

    It is not specified how exactly the Russian House will be “establishing relations” with the aggressor power.