Sunday, June 16, 2024

    ROC’s possible next leader considers Kyiv “Russian city”

    The likely successor of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow (Gundyaev), Metropolitan Tikhon (Shevkunov), believes that “Kyiv was and remains a Russian city.”

    This opinion was expressed by Russian and Ukrainian publicist, journalist Alexander Soldatov, as reported by Religious Truth.

    “Tikhon is a pragmatist, and he will not pay any hyper-attention to Ukraine, as Kirill did initially. And he understands that continued war is very dangerous for Russia, undermining stability and creating grounds for it to spill over into Russia. Therefore, he will continue to build up his mythology, dreaming that Kyiv was and remains a Russian city, and that all the best that Ukraine has is Russian culture,” Soldatov said.

    According to him, Shevkunov’s activity as head of the ROC will remain at the level of propaganda and myth-making, not at that of real policy and concrete actions.