Wednesday, June 12, 2024

    Theologian tells of ROCinU’s efforts to prevent further transition of parishes to OCU

    Theologian Archimandrite Kirill Govorun has revealed the efforts made by the ROCinU to keep people from quitting the Moscow Patriarchate.

    He claimed their followers remain in an “information bubble.”

    “There’s crazy counter-propaganda and brainwashing. Believers with the UOC-MP (ROCinU – ed.) have been corked into an airtight information bubble and covered with an information lid. They all read the SPZh (Union of Orthodox Journalists – ed.), which plants in their minds a convincing narrative,” Archimandrite Kirill Govorun said in an interview with

    To the journalist’s notion that people also live beyond the information bubble created by church, the theologian replied: “You have no idea how deep in that bubble they are.”

    The ROCinU is convinced that the world around them is evil, but many remain with the Moscow Patriarchate because they feel comfortable there,” the theologian concluded.

    He assured that he would have left the Moscow Patriarchate himself, but the OCU is not represented abroad, while he mostly resides outside Ukraine.