Tuesday, June 18, 2024

    Russia exploiting WW2 manipulations to boost propaganda pressure on Lithuania

    Russia’s defense ministry has launched a multimedia project,  releasing a throve of declassified documents about World War 2 and Red Army soldiers who perished in the Lithuania liberation campaign. At the same time, the project sports a provocative title “Gratitude for Freedom: Delete, Forget, Destroy.”

    That’s according to a report by Polit.ru referring to Russia’s defense agency.

    Russian propaganda pundits and defense officials claim that the governments of Baltic States have allegedly intensified since 2008 their efforts aimed against monuments and memorials to those killed during WW2.

    Through the project, Russian authorities are attempting to convince the general public that Lithuania has in fact banned Russia’s work to repair monuments and restore the sites where Red Army soldiers were buried.

    It appears that, apart from the Kremlin’s true intentions to provoke guilt in the nations of the Baltic region, as well as to accuse Lithuania of destroying and distorting history, the propaganda project has no other purpose.

    The consistent policy of Lithuanian authorities to expose the destructive and openly subversive activities by the Russian Federation across Europe, as well as stable strong support for Ukraine’s European integration, have led to a boost in propaganda pressure on Lithuania on the part of the Kremlin.

    In such a dirty media campaign, WW2 history manipulations, as one of the Kremlin orchestra’s favorite violins, plays one of the key parts. Meanwhile, Moscow tries to avoid any mentions of the fact that for most European states the “liberation” from the Nazis by Soviet troops simply meant yet another occupation.