Sunday, July 10, 2022

    ROC inventing new ways to justify war crimes

    The Russian Orthodox Church plays a special role in the accelerated, directive perpetuation of the “military exploits” by the Russian military. Patriarch Cyril’s subordinates are inventing new ways to justify war crimes and aggression.

    This is stated in a report by

    Thus, the ROC attracts minors to propagate the war: “Students of Sunday schools at Orthodox parishes of the Stavropol Diocese took part in the spiritual and patriotic action ‘Letter to a Soldier.’ In the Svitlograd denomination, boys aged 6–12 wrote sincere words of gratitude to the soldiers who are conducting a special operation in Ukraine.” (Stavropolskaya Pravda, June 8, 2022).

    The ROC also blesses the production of icons for the military, who fire on Ukrainian cities with Iskander missiles: “The Palekh Iconostasis workshop has supported soldiers taking part in a special operation in Ukraine. The artists painted pieces for the servicemen with the 112th Missile Guards Brigade stationed in Shuia. Miniature icons of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Savior, Mother of God, and archangels will support and protect those who are now far from home.” (Ivanovonews, June 1, 2022).