Sunday, April 2, 2023

    Zelensky called on the world to “put Russia in its place” as it is no longer possible to “pacify” them

    President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that it is too late to pacify the Russian leadership down so now it needs to be “put in place.”

    The comment came during his video address to the Asian Security Summit “Shangri-La Dialogue”, Liga reports.

    “It is no longer possible to calm down the military-political leadership of the Russian Federation. It’s too late for that. Talking to them every day, imposing specific financial and economic sanctions – all this had to be done earlier, before the full-scale invasion. Today there is no ‘gray’ zone, there is only support. If you support peace, you support Ukraine. If you support a specific war, then you find some permanent understanding with Russia,” Zelensky said.

    He stated that no one would be able to calm Russia down now with any words – it will only be a political game on the part of the Russian authorities.

    “I believe that today the world needs to clearly put the Russian Federation and its leadership in place. And their place is on their territory. And they should be there, where they will live and decide what to do,” the president stressed.

    He noted that Ukraine does not intend to cross Russia’s borders in any way, as Ukraine respects international law, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of other states.

    “But the war is on our land. People are dying on our land. That is why we are putting pressure on Russia from our land,” the president added.