Sunday, May 28, 2023

    Zelensky says 1,300 Ukrainian military servicemen killed in war so far

    President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has commented on Ukraine’s military losses since the start of Russian invasion.

    Speaking with foreign journalists, Zelensky said the losses are one to ten compared with those suffered by Russia.

    “We aren’t happy that about 1,300 of our military have died as of today. And as for the Russians, it’s more than 12,000. So it’s one to ten. I’m not happy that 12,000 of them died. This doesn’t make me happy. This is not my vision of the world in general. They have parents, they were sent here. Most of them don’t even know where they were deployed. They have been brainwashed with their information policy that we are all Nazis here or something,” the president said.

    He added that, despite the legends of “Nazis” in Ukraine, in real life, it’s the Russian forces who act like Nazis.

    “They have realized that they are Nazis. They behave like Nazis. Why so many prisoners? Because they came to kill us and then they saw, first of all, that they are weak, that we won’t give up, that we’re on our land. And secondly, they understood, some of them did, that they had been acting like Nazis,” the president said.