Monday, November 29, 2021

    Anti-vaxxers at Kyiv rally carry posters with QR-codes leading to Russia’s ruling party website

    On November 24, a rally of the Prava Liudyny (Human Rights)  civic movement, led by a notorious Lviv-based anti-vaxxer Ostap Stakhiv, took place outside the Verkhovna Rada, blocking traffic in the area.

    Some protesters were seen holding posters with crossed-out QR-codes drawn on them, along with the call “Say no to QR-codes!” and “Stop QR code,” as reported by the Institute of Mass Media.

    When reports spread on social media, some users actually scanned the QR codes in question with their mobile devices only to find out they actually lead to the official website of Russia’s pro-government political party, United Russia.

    Journalists with the Spiritual Front of Ukraine also verified the report,  having scanned the code: it does lead to the website.

    In October, the Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council analyzed content circulated by a number of Ukrainian Telegram channels, confirming an ongoing psyop run by the Russian Federation aimed at lowering vaccination rates and increasing the number of COVID-related fatalities in Ukraine.

    The SBU security service earlier reported that malign narratives about the inoculation campaign are being promoted precisely through Telegram, a widely used chat platform.

    Channels are administered from the Russian Federation, security analysts underscored.