Saturday, October 16, 2021

    Ecumenical Patriarch: Floods, wildfires “consequences of our selfish behavior”

    As Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew visited his homeland Island of Imbros to celebrate his 60 years of priesthood, in an exclusive interview with MEGA Channel, the Ecumenical Patriarch spoke about his childhood, climate change, vaccinations, completing his 30 years as Patriarch, and succession issues.

    The Patriarch led journalists to the village where he was born, Orthodox Times reports.

    Among other things, he addressed climate change: “It’s a message of respect for the natural environment because in recent months the planet has sent out alarm signals. Our nature takes revenge. Nature protests. The floods and fires are a consequence of our selfish attitude towards nature.”

    As reported earlier, a miracle was observed in Greece where the St. David monastery remained intact amid raging forest fires, while most of the surrounding territory was devastated.

    Greece has experienced the strongest heatwave in 30 years, with temperatures rising above +45°C.