Субота, 18 Вересня, 2021

    Russian church parishioner beaten over domestic conflict, no religious spat reported – police

    The National Police Department in Chernivtsi region has commented on the recent assault on a believer affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine (the so-called Moscow Patriarchate).

    The man was beaten over a domestic conflict, police say, not because of his religious affiliation, as Russian and some pro-Russian propaganda media have been claiming.

    That’s according to the Spiritual Front of Ukraine’s own sources in police who have also revealed some details of the said conflict.

    Vasyl Khashchiyuk, 63, was returning from a night shift at a ROCinU church in the village of Zadubrivka. On his way home he was heading by a local shop where Khaschiyuk met the shop owner, who had been consuming liquor with his friends on the car hood, celebrating the fact that the shop owner received his driver’s license.

    The men invited Vasyl Khashchiuk to join their company. Having gotten mad at his response to the invitation, the group of heavily intoxicated men assaulted the victim.

    Therefore it appears that the incident with the ROCinU believer, Vasyl Khashchiyuk, is purely a result of a street altercation, having nothing to do with religion.

    This information has been confirmed by the police of Chernivtsi region. “The man said that a verbal altercation has erupted between him and intoxicated local residents over the age of 18 due to a misunderstanding. During the fight that ensued he was injured,” the Chernivtsi NPD said.

    Meanwhile, the ROCinU has been circulating an outright fake story playing up to the Russian propaganda, aiming to incite protest sentiments among believers ahead of the mass rallies scheduled for March 23. They needed to come up with some vulnerable target, some sort of a “sacred victim” and they did find one – in the village of Zadubrivka, where parishioners following their transition to the newly-created Orthodox Church of Ukraine have for the past two years been forced to pray out in the street.

    Now there is another reason for ordinary adepts of the Russian Orthodox Church to implement the “Montenegrin scenario” and join anti-government rallies.

    Earlier, a Ukrainian expert, Oleksandr Kovalenko, reported that the ROCinU, which is now cultivating a narrative about “persecution” of own believers, would soon start raising tensions among its most resolute parishioners though the staged acts of provocation. And the first test efforts has apparently already been made.” The expert noted that it was Mr Voznesensky, a notorious Russia supporter who intervened in the conflict, “blew Russia’s cover.”

    On January 27, 2019, the majority of Zadubrivka believers, which is 158 parishioners, voted for the transition to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. There were the police and the state registrar, who witnessed the vote. It was only the registered locals who voted. Meanwhile, the belligerent minority who chose to remain with the Moscow Patriarchate employ non-local thugs to inflame conflicts.

    On January 27, 2019, the majority of Orthodox villages in Zadubrivka, 158 people, voted for the transition to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. There was both the police and the state registrar, who recorded it all. Only registered villagers voted. But the minority that remains in the Moscow Patriarchate uses visiting “aunts” to inflame conflicts.

    Earlier we reported that the fake story about the assault on a ROCinU parishioner in Zadubrivka had turned into a major hoax. Meanwhile, Russian intelligence minions keep spinning the initial fake story of the alleged assault on religious grounds, committed by OCU supporters.